Join us in helping shape the PILLS universe and you will create and tend to life, discover incredible wonders across a vast and ancient space, learn the histories of alien cultures and piece together the origin and ultimate fate of another reality.


CAPSULE is an on-chain DAO consisting of creative and technical pseudoanonymous members living around the world. We treat each other with respect and compassion, push ourselves to produce excellent art and have a lot of fun working on a dream project together.


We tell stories set inside the PILLS universe that get published across a mix of media. Today, most of our energies are focused on developing the universe into a massively multiplayer on-chain roleplaying game.


A universe is the ultimate container. It accommodates all of the life, stories, histories, locations, and ideas that you enshrine within it. There is no greater creative endeavor to embark on than to spark a universe into existence, and then unravel its mysteries. This vast and rich setting seeds incredible creative expression and if that sounds like an energy you want to tap into you should join us.